America's Premier Land Sailing Adventures

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Filming Projects

Concepts, pitches, commercials, producers, scouts, or journalists wanting to film

The fee is $5,000 per day - filming permit not included - and covers the use of a wide assortment of land yachts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. You'll also get help from a small family of Area 51 aliens, and Elvis sightings are guaranteed.

To get started, your entity must obtain a filming permit from the California Bureau of Land Management in advance of the shoot. Take a moment to understand the process and get in touch when your permit is pending. For assistance and more information about the permit, please contact Cecilia Franklin at the Barstow Field Office (Phone: 760-252-6037) who oversees Silurian Dry Lake (map) and El Mirage Dry Lake (map). These two locations are highly recommended. Thank you for your consideration.